Stop Workplace Smoking


Smoking in the workplace is very dangerous for a number of reasons; the laws must be toughened.

For the smoker themselves, it can cause irreversible health issues. As well as lung cancer, tobacco smoking can easily precipitate the contraction of emphysema, heart disease and plenty of other illnesses which can cause distress for the smoker and their loved ones.

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How dangerous is second hand smoke?

Another issue is that of second-hand smoke which can affect people in the vicinity of a tobacco smoker. It is very easy to think that the only health damages are to the smoker themselves. However, there are multiple problems that can be passed onto people nearby.

This includes people in the home and pub, your friends and families whom you spend much time with, but also inevitabily your colleagues. If you smoke in a workplace, the fumes can easily drift across offices, even when outside, and be inhaled by non-smokers.

It is an invisible threat which could make you responsible for someone else’s health issues, particularly in a closed area. Find out about second hand smoke.

Another health and safety issue which should be toughened up are the laws surrounding the potential for fire risk caused by smoking tobacco cigarettes.

A stray ember from a cigarette can easily start a fire. Even though it is illegal to smoke in a workplace in the UK, there are still many problems which can be caused by tobacco cigarettes. Smoking outside can easily catch fire to buildings.

We believe the laws should be toughened.

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