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Health Risks

When you stop smoking, you can feel healthier, happier, and you can also feel an incredible sense of pride at having regained control of that part of your life.

Protecting Your Teeth

Smoking is one of the greatest contributors to gum disease due to the chemicals in cigarettes encouraging the build up of bacterial plaque.

The nicotine and tar that is found in tobacco will turn your teeth yellow after a very short period of time and heavy smokers that continue to smoke for the majority of their lives can even experience their teeth going brown.

For those who have already experiences dental health problems due to smoking, there is a quick and affordable solution to regain a healthy smile. Dental veneers are growing in popularity due to their being a suitable version for everyone.

Quitting Through Hypnotherapy

When quitting smoking there are various methods available although a popular one is hypnotherapy. Here are some basic steps that you can take if you wish to use this method at home;

  • Create a calm, and relaxed atmosphere for the session to take place
  • Explain just how the hypnotherapy is going to work, so that it takes away ‘the unknown’ aspect of it
  • Provide a comfortable place for you to put your feet up and relax
  • Create an ‘immersive’ environment (headphones, low light, soft music)
  • Use completely ‘positive’ suggestions, and have those suggestions provide more than simply quitting smoking.

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